Optical Necklace: Product Spotlight

Optical Necklace: Product Spotlight

This week I want to shine a spotlight on the optical necklace design, a personal  favourite piece from my cosmic collection and one that I wear all the time.

Made to Last

This necklace is made from laser cut stainless steel, making it both strong and lightweight. The best part? Stainless steel won't tarnish over time, so you can ditch the polishing cloths and just enjoy wearing it.


The Perfect Fit

This necklace comes on an 18-inch chain as standard, but I understand that everyone has their preferences. If you'd like a shorter or longer chain, just let me know.  I'm always happy to adjust the length to suit your style.


A Timeless Design

A modern geometric, playful design with a unique and eye catching aesthetic.  This is a truly timeless piece - perfect for effortless everyday wear, but it also looks fantastic layered with other necklaces.  



Available in two different colour options: peach/purple or green/blue.


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