Bold and Colourful Jewellery for Mother's Day

Bold and Colourful Jewellery for Mother's Day

Forget wilting bouquets and predictable chocolates.  This year, celebrate mothers who break the mould with gifts as bold and vibrant as they are.

With mother’s day approaching, I had a chat with colour lover, wedding celebrant, storyteller and mum of 2 Meg, about her love of jewellery and her perfect Mother's Day ✨

Meg is wearing the optical necklace in green 💚

💛 What's your most treasured piece and why?

I’m not one for expensive jewellery so fun, funky, brightly coloured pieces are usually my go-to. That said...the thing I treasure the most is my wedding ring (an Ishbel Watson original)

It's a simple silver band, with a purple gemstone and and it is engraved with a lyric from one of our favourite tunes by hip hop group The Roots. My husband's is the same. It genuinely still makes me smile every time I notice it.

💛 What qualities do you appreciate most in a piece of jewellery?

With jewellery, I'm drawn to pieces that stand out from the crowd with eye-catching, unique designs. 

Vibrant colours are a must, as they complement my personal style and add a pop of personality to any outfit. I also appreciate versatility, allowing me to seamlessly transition a piece from one occasion to another.

Most importantly, I cherish jewellery with sentimental value or a story behind it, as these pieces hold a deeper meaning and connect me to special memories or loved ones.

💛 As a mother, what makes you feel most appreciated?

Being made a cup of tea when I’m particularly knackered or frazzled goes a very long way, or being given a lie in (it’s very rare but always makes me feel like I’m appreciated)

💛 Describe your ideal Mother's Day.

Ooh, nice question. I’d be woken up with a cup of tea in bed, a card and a box of Lindt chocolate balls!

Then I'd go for a run with my tunes blasting and the sun shining, followed by a big breakfast and a day trip somewhere with the family. We’re big fans of outdoor places like Brimham Rocks in North Yorkshire, with a picnic and a flask of tea.

Home for a roast dinner, sticky toffee pudding (there's definitely a food theme here!) and a film with the kids. Then an early night with no-one moaning about having to have a bath!


💛 And what style of jewellery would be your ideal gift?

Unique and playful designs that make a statement and go beyond the ordinary are what truly catch my eye. Whether it's a bold burst of colour, an unexpected combination of textures, or a playful geometric pattern, I love pieces that reflect my personality and add a touch of fun to my everyday look.

Ultimately, the perfect Mother's Day gift for me would be a piece that not only complements my style but also sparks joy and reminds me to embrace life's little adventures with a smile.

💛 If you could receive any Ishbel Watson piece as a Mother's Day gift, which one would you choose and why?

I would definitely go for the purple cosmic triangle earrings. They are blooming marvellous! They fulfil my love of all things purple, are proper snazzy and have some serious Prince vibes going on.

💛 And finally, what’s your favourite way to pamper yourself during motherhood?

It sounds so cheesy, but it really is all about just having a bit of 'me-time' - it can be very rare. When I get the chance, I love going for a coffee in one of my favourite cafes, with a good book. There's usually a brownie involved too. Bliss.

💛 💛 💛 Thanks Meg - hope you get your dream mothers day (haha feel free to forward this on to your husband and kids!!)


Proper Prince Vibes: Purple Cosmic Triangle Earrings 💜

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Meg is a wonderful humanist wedding celebrant based in Yorkshire, so if you planning your wedding you can find out more about Meg here.

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